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Lincoln Gear Ticks form FTC team.

FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) is the next level of robot competition after FLL. If you are working on getting ready for competition then plan to lose some weight with Phentermine 37.5 mg. Team members from the Blue and Red Gear Ticks who competed so successfully in the 2010 Food Factor FLL competition joined with some old and new Gear Ticks to form FTC team 6055 to compete in the FTC competitions.


Top placed US team at 2012 World Festival. Blue Gear Ticks place second behind the Japanese Falcons in the Championship.

The Blue Gear Ticks lead the Robot Game at the World Festival for much of the contest with their first round score of 295.

NASA invites the team to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston as winner of NASA's Food for Thought Award.
World Festival leaderboard at the close of the Robot Game.
RoboNautica Champions, the Blue Gear Ticks
Lego Yuh Mind come to Lincoln to tune up robots and work on 
missions together.
Lincoln Gear Ticks from Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Red teams
have pizza and lego party with the Jamaican Lego Yuh Mind Builders 
and Programmers
Blackstone Valley Regional awards the Blue Gear Ticks First Place 
Robot Performance award and a place at the State Final, RoboNautica.
Newton Regional awards the Red Gear Ticks second place Champions 
and a place at the State Final, RoboNautica.


FLL 2012 World Festival in St Louis

Blue Gear Ticks claimed an early lead in the Robot Game with their 295 score in the first competition round. This lead held until late in the second round when the Japanese Falcons moved ahead to 320. The China Team finally gained the lead at 323 which neither the Falcons, for Japan, nor the Blue Gear Ticks, for the US, could beat.

The FLL Championship, which combines performance in the Robot Game, with Robot Design, Project and Core Values scores, was awarded to the Japanese Falcons. In second place were the Blue Gear Ticks and third place to the team NXTremers from India.

As highest placed US team, the Blue Gear Ticks won the NASA Food for Thought Award and will visit the Space Food Systems Laboratory and the Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory in Houston.

It was a great festival. We met some old friends from previous contests - The 4th Motor from Wisconsin, who were Runners Up with us in last year's Innovation Award, the Santperencs from Spain  and Kondortech from Peru from last year's World Festival. We also made some new friends like GRIT from South Carolina, NEXUS from Hong Kong, the Rock'n Robo Rabbits from Missouri and the Hippie Pandas from Rochester NY. Above all we were amazed by some of the robots. Falcon Japan and the China Team were both very impressive while Epunkt e from Germany and Watts Up! from Holland had good looking robots even if they couldn't get them running at their best. So many smart kids and great robots.

NASA's Randall Hicks presents the Food For Thought award to the
Blue Gear Ticks at the 2012 FLL World Festival. Photo: Calum Tsang.

Older news

The FLL Global Innovation Award has opened and the Red and Blue teams have posted their research projects. This is a very prestigious award and gets better each year. Last year the Blue Gear Ticks were one of two runner-up teams and received their award at the USPTO in Alexandria, VA. So both teams are keen to show their work. Go to the FLL website to see their innovative solutions and hit the Vote button on the team page. You can vote for both the  and teams once per IP address per day. So vote for us!

Red and Blue teams showed their robots at t at the Hynes Convention Center on New Year's Eve. We were interviewed by the reporter for , which has a nice picture of our runners. 

Massachusetts Champions! For the second year in a row, the Blue Gear Ticks have claimed the championship at . the Massachusetts Championship held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The Red Gear Ticks also had a good day at Robonautica. They were awarded the Teamwork award and their robot finished fifth in the robot contest rounds.

Both Red and Blue teams joined with the Lego Yuh Mind teams from Kingston Jamaica for the afternoon Alliance contest. The Blue Gear Ticks and the Lego Yuh Mind Builders proved a strong team and finished as runners up in the final elimination. It was a great pairing as we had got to know the Jamaican teams over the previous days as we met to tune up our robots together.

The Blue Gear Ticks have posted their , see the page for details.

Lego Yuh Mind! We will welcome the Lego Yuh Mind lego teams from Jamaica. They will be competing at Robonautica on the 17th and they will come to Lincoln before the contest to tune up their robots and share design and programming tips with the gear ticks.

Wednesday December 7th: The Red and Blue teams will share their robots with the Kids' Lego Club at the from at 5pm.

The Red Gear Ticks have posted their t, see the page for details.

Red and Blue teams will be going through to the State Championship, , held at on December 17th. This is open to the public, so please come to support the teams.

Blackstone Valley Report: 

Our beginner teams, Orange and Purple had a great day, achieving close to the top scores they had in practice. Purple finished 14th in the seeding and Orange 21st, excellent scores for new teams. Purple made it through to the third round of the afternoon elimination.

The Blue team rather dominated the Robot competition, finishing top in the morning session and winning the afternoon elimination rounds. Blue was awarded 1st place Robot performance award and 3rd place Championship, while Orange was awarded the Judges' Award.

Newton Report:

Green and Red Teams competed at the Newton contest. Green had a good day for a beginner team at one stage being 11th in the robot performance ranking.

The Red Team placed second in robot performance and was awarded the 2nd place Championship. This gives them a place at the State Championship, Robonautica.
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